Trustees & Governance

Devon Link-Up is a user-led charity and as such, our members form part of the Board and work alongside the Trustees to ensure our work is relevant to those who use our service.

The financial position of Devon Link-Up is overseen and managed by the trustees in liaison with key staff. The aim for the farm is to create a sustainable long-term future which is funded primarily through earned income rather than through grants.

The Heathfield Farm Advisory Board is headed by one of the charity trustees and made up of local entrepreneurs representatives from the National Trust. They offer advice and guidance which supports the farm in achieving its goals.

The trustees meet with the board four times a year to discuss the work of the charity and consider the budget. Reports about the charity are prepared in accessible formats. Feedback from the Advisory Board is also brought to the meeting, so the Trustees have an accurate overview. The AGM is held annually and offers the chance to reflect on the work that has been completed across the year.

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