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In 2019, follow a suggestion from its users, the Devon Link-Up charity took on Heathfield Farm (previously known as Broadclyst Community Farm). Our peaceful 32-acre site is situated 1 mile from Cranbrook and 2 miles from the edge of Exeter. The aim of the project is to build a place that takes special care to include everyone, whatever their abilities.

At Heathfield Farm, we aim to support people to lead less isolated and more fulfilling lives and to encourage active participation through engaging in hands-on, practical activities. The farm has a strong educational remit and provides opportunities to learn about nature and to learn outdoor work skills as well as valuable life skills.

Developing our growing field continues to be the main focus of the farm. In order for the site into reach its full potential, it’s constantly changing and evolving with exciting new ideas and projects to be involved with.

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